Capturing the Bliss

by Paul Dugliss, M.D. (About the Author)

shapeimage 7 Capturing the Bliss

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About Capturing the Bliss:

How to manage emotions and use them to transform our life is the gift of the ancients contained in this book.  We all share the potential for enlightenment and bliss, yet this seems and elusive quest for most.  In our modern age, the common experience of life is overshadowed by anxiety and depression.  By applying knowledge of Ayurveda and the wisdom derived from the ancient sages, you can walk the path toward bliss.

This book provides a window to the depths of human consciousness.  In understanding the interrelationship between psychology and spirituality through the eyes of the sages, our emotional life is elucidated in a unique and unparalleled fashion. While Ayurveda is known for its profound secrets of balancing physical health, few realize the deep insight it offers to support emotional health.  Ayurveda teaches the purpose, flow, and processing of emotion and reveals the truth of the inner workings of the emotional life.

“In being clear, the path is easy to tread.  The way of Ayurveda is the way of transformation.  We process experience and it transforms us.  We love and it nourishes us.  We feel and we know ourselves.  The natural process of feeling and emoting is understood.  The process by which feeling becomes bliss and then creates love and consciousness is fully known.  Understanding that process and living it is the beauty of this knowledge.”

-From Chapter 4

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