The Myth of Cholesterol

by Paul Dugliss, M.D. and

Sandra Fernandez, M.S.P.H. (About the Authors)

shapeimage 5 The Myth of Cholesterol

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About The Myth of Cholesterol:

The notion that cholesterol causes heart disease is one of the most deeply ingrained beliefs in health promotion today.  In this revealing book, Paul Dugliss, M.D. and Sandra Fernandez, M.S.P.H. explain why the emphasis on cholesterol is misplaced. They challenge the belief that cholesterol is “bad” and expose how the most current medical research is uncovering other major factors that far outweigh the importance of cholesterol. They describe how a singular focus on cholesterol has distracted people from utilizing low-cost, effective, and natural means of creating heart health.  Employing scientific research, they demonstrate conclusively that the significance of cholesterol is truly a myth. In fact, cholesterol does not play a major role in heart disease.

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